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Radiant City Architecture strives to provide architectural design services that respond to clients’

aesthetic,  programmatic, scheduling and budgetary needs while adhering to the broader community goals of

sustainability, social responsibility and support of the design professions.


Radiant City adheres to a guiding 
set of principles that unifies and 
integrates our work.





Every project has a central set of objectives, whether strategic, aesthetic or conceptual- the parti that orients the work. The concept may comfort, or curvature, or to define a market, or to surprise. The concept remains flexible and broad. At all stages of the process, with every decision, we ask ourselves.

“Does this decision or design or colour or idea  reference the Concept?”



Refers to the technical steps required to achieve the project. They can involve permitting, documentation, research, negotiation,  and innovation. We bring a high level of technical expertise to every project, and where we need help, we seek expertise, or research or invent it ourselves as required.



Without a vision of form in the real world, we are not practicing Architecture. We bring a commitment to evolve and expressive aesthetic contribution to the project. We look to the language of Architecture – massing, shape, materiality, texture – as a palette for the final form. And we seek to avoid formula – every project is an invention responding to a unique relevant context

Cambie detail front rain 2021-02-11
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