Radiant City provides core architectural services: Design, Documentation (Including Building Permit and Contract Documentation), and Contract Award and Administration.


Radiant City works with clients to determine functional needs and establish a conceptual vision for the project. Preliminary compliance with applicable Codes, Bylaws and Regulations is reviewed. We work iteratively and uncritically invite all possibilities into the design process toward resolution of  evolving a responsive conceptual design.


Radiant City produces working drawings, specifications and associated documentation that will allow the issuance of a building permit and enable general contractors to reliably price and build the work. Work of additional consultants (Engineers, etc.) is coordinated. Details are developed for assemblies and particular products. Detailed regulatory compliance is resolved.


Radiant City assists the client in managed or competitive selection of a contractor or alternative delivery process. Radiant City remains involved in the work as it is realized to address unforeseen conditions and to ensure that the intent of the vision is achieved. Deficiencies are revolved and progress payments to the general contractor are reviewed.

Radiant City also provides services traditionally outside of the core architectural domain, such as Strategic Planning and Pre-design, Rezoning / Development Permit / Board of Variance applications and Project Management.


Before a project is initiated, an investigation of potential opportunities and constraints often needs to be undertaken. Related services include alignment of budget and project expectations, clarification of process and schedule requirements, determination of as-built conditions, space and functional programming, etc.


When the project requirements lie outside the outright uses specifies by municipal Development bylaws, they may undergo discretionary approvals processes, including development permitting and/or rezoning. Requirements might include demonstrating neighbourhood character and streetscape compatibility, adherence to design guidelines, or justification for discretionary additional area (Floor Space Ratio). Where existing or proposed conditions violate development bylaw requirements, they can sometimes be normalized through a Board of Variance appeal.


Radiant City Architecture provides specialized Certified Professional services to clients seeking to expedite and streamline buidling permit processing. Where clients require additional expertise or capacity to manage a project, Radiant City acts as a client on their behalf and provides services such as supervision, budgeting, scheduling, contract negotiation and administration, etc.


Ron Bijok, Architect AIBC, CP

Radiant City Architecture Inc. is led by principal Ron Bijok, Architect AIBC, CP. 

Ron obtained his B.Sc (Arch.) and B.Arch. at McGill University in Montreal. He subsequently spent 10 years at Bobrow Fieldman Architects, a prestigious mid-sized general practice firm, as a junior architect and then as an associate. He was responsible for residential and health care projects, and pioneered the use of CAD in architecture for the practice.

He established his private practice and relocated to Vancouver in 1994.

He brings 35 years of experience in many different building types, with an emphasis on addressing complex and unconventional problems, and a commitment to a broadly general practice.

Ron is a member of the AIBC Regulatory Coordination Committee and teaches in the AIBC/EGBC Certified Professional program. He is a board member of the Vancouver Life Drawing Society and past chair of the Vancouver Chinatown Heritage Area Planning Committee.


Ricardo Roffiel, Intern Architect AIBC

Ricardo Roffiel is an Intern Architect registered with the AIBC and holds an Associate Certificate in Building Construction Technology from BCIT. He is a Registered Architect in Mexico. He is responsible for residential and commercial projects, and runs CAD facilities for Radiant City Architecture. 

Samantha Sanchez Rubio, B. Arch.

Samantha is a registered Architect in Mexico and a graduate of the ITD college Interior Design Diploma program. After working 3 years in a prestigious architectural firm in Mexico, she reestablisehed her professional career in Canada.
She specializes in Residential and Interior Design projects.

José Chan, Architect AIBC, CP

José holds a Masters degree of Architecture from University of Manitoba and is a registered Architect AIBC, and a Certified Professional. He brings ten years of experience in mixed-use, heritage renovation and moderate-income rental housing. He has been involved in design development, construction documentation and construction phases and is specializes in regulatory process and compliance.


Stryker is the office Dog at Radiant City. He doesn't speak much and is pretty good at relaxing. He very much enjoys playing and will engage you persistently if you let him.

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