Welcome to Dark Matter Life Drawing

Dark Matter is a life drawing studio open to artists, animators, architects and designers of all skill levels. Current sessions include Saturdays 10AM-1PM  and Tuesdays 7PM-10PM at the Beaumont Studios. A variety of poses is offered, ranging from 1 minute to 45 minutes, suitable for both drawing and painting. Upcoming models include Benjamin, Kristina, Emmalena, Derek, Nina, Kate, Emily…. Join us by registering below:

Payment / Registration

Cost is $20 by credit card, Google Pay, Apple Pay, E-transfer or Cash at the door. (Consider bringing a cash tip for the model.) Register below:



Please bring your own supplies, including a drawing board. Chairs are provided, but consider bringing a portable easel if you wish to stand.

COVID distancing and wearing a mask are required. Please assess your own risk in attending such a session.

We have a rotating lineup of well-known Vancouver models (see calendar). Sessions include 5 1-minute, 5 2-minute and 3 5-minute poses. After a short break, we return for 3 10-minute poses and a long break. Finally we return for 2 long poses (with breaks.)

If you are interested in online drawing sessions, consider Basic Inquiry at www.lifedrawing.org or Emily Cheung at https://www.facebook.com/emilymcheungmodelling. For instructional classes consider Canvas Method at https://www.canvasmethod.ca/


Sessions are held at the Beaumont Studios, at 326 W. 5th Ave. in Vancouver V5Y 1H5 – a dynamic assemblage of creators, studios and gallery spaces. The location convenient – just on the south side of the Cambie Bridge behind the police station/Canadian Tire. It’s a short walk from the Olympic Village Skytrain station. The space is large and comfortable.


Ron Bijok