Killarney Multiple One family Dwellings

Vancouver, BC.

The intention of this Development Permit application is to redevelop an existing single-family dwelling into 5 single family residences, one with a secondary suite. The RT-11 zoning that applies to the site promotes neighbourhood densification while retaining single-family residential character. The project meets the zoning bylaw schedule requirements, subject to a Board of Variance relaxation.

The site is approximately 57 feet wide by 149 feet deep. It faces Killarney St. at the front and has a rear and flanking lane to the west and north respectively. The large site across the flanking lane to the north hosts the Dundee Court Housing Coop, in the form of ground-oriented row houses, while the lots to the south accommodate single family dwellings, both 2-storey Vancouver Specials and 2½ storey single family dwellings with basements. The southern end of the block at Killarney St. and 41st Ave. has been redeveloped in a manner similar to this proposal.

The site will be divided by a central pedestrian path running east-west between Killarney St. and the rear lane. Each half of the bisected site is wide enough to accommodate a single-family dwelling with generous space between them. Two of the proposed dwellings (Buildings A and B) will face Killarney St. – the southmost of these two will also contain a secondary suite (Building A(SS)), accessed from the interior spine. A third dwelling (Building C) will be located on the flanking lane side, again accessed from the interior spine. An interior side yard will be provided adjacent to the residential lot to the south, off the central spine. Two additional dwellings (Buildings D and E) will be located at the rear lane, with primary access from the interior spine.

The pedestrian spine and interior side yard are important elements of the design in that they provide secure, private access to the rear dwellings as well as landscaped common breathing space between buildings. The interior yard also provides landscaped common play space for children. Access points and windows are arranged around this open space in a manner that maximizes privacy and livability.

Exterior spaces will be landscaped to provide privacy and animate the open spaces.

killarney floor plan 1800x1200