3353 Cambie St.

Vancouver, BC.


The proposed development at 3353 Cambie St. is a 6 storey building that consists of retail on the ground floor, a child care facility on the second floor and offices above, along with three levels of underground parking with a loading area on the first level of parking. The retail entrance and office entrance lobby are on Cambie Street, fronting public transit and pedestrian access. The child care entrance and underground parking entrance are on Tupper Street, providing access via an calmer environment with less vehicular traffic. The overall intention is to:

a) Maintain the local small-scale retail character of Cambie St.,
b) Respond to pressing child care needs, and
c) Provide an opportunity for local commercial services and local employment.

The ground-level retail will maintain the small scale cadence of historical Cambie Street texture. The child care level provides a playful window pattern that provides for views at the level of a small child, while denying some of those views to adults. The office level will project more of a refined commercial aesthetic. The integration of shading devices on the east and west facades will further articulate the elevational texture. The development is aligned with the built form guidelines of the Cambie Corridor Plan.

The sustainability pathway for the project will be as a low emissions green building. The project will be designed to achieve LEED Gold certification for Building Design + Construction. This pathway limits heat loss, energy use, and greenhouse gases to build more efficient, healthy, and comfortable workplaces.

The child care entrance area is semi-covered, providing a sheltered space for parents and children to use during drop-off and pickup. The outdoor and covered outdoor space on the second floor and the roof are landscaped, providing rainwater detention and acting as an amenity to the building users.

The development seeks to provide 24 child care spaces. There are 8 spaces for each age group, infant, toddler and preschooler. The child care consists of indoor, covered outdoor and outdoor spaces for a wide range of activities. In addition, more than 16,000 sq. ft. of office space provides an amenity-like
contribution in the form of local employment.